About Us

About Us

In 2012/2013 we have 11 external Sok Sabay university students and 40 children in the Sok Sabay centre under our care in a secure, friendly and nurturing environment. At Sok Sabay they have comfortable and safe accommodation, proper clothing and three nutritious meals every day. Health, medical and dental care is provided either at Sok Sabay or in private local clinics in the town. Sok Sabay Supports the children's development by way of art, crafts and particularly music.

Sok Sabay in 1995

Since its foundation in 1995, Sok Sabay would not have been so successful without the cooperation, support, compassion and understanding of all Godparents, general and exceptional donors, companies and individuals who are so caring and committed to the children of Sok Sabay.

Sok Sabay in 2000

Since the year 2000, Sok Sabay has run our Family Support Program which involves assisting the families of our children by way of monthly food supplies and certain medical care.

Sok Sabay Activities

Sport has an important role to play in the children’s lives with aikido, rugby, football, traditional dance and swimming all being practiced. On top of these activities the children are also supplemented in their day school studies by five professional local and foreign teachers who teach them Maths, English, French, Physics, Chemistry and biology in the evenings. 

Sok Sabay's University Students

Sok Sabay’s university students have, for the past decade, taken on many of life’s challenges. They are responsible young adults who, as well as making significant academic progress, have learned skills at Sok Sabay which will stand to them throughout their lives. They take responsibility for their younger peers, help them in their daily lives, and mother them as their older sisters and brothers.